Going Deep: Worth the Read for Leadership

26 Oct

Going Deep: Becoming A Person of InfluenceGoing Deep: Becoming A Person of Influence by Gordon MacDonald

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I just finished Going Deep: Becoming a Person of Influence by Gordon MacDonald. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Though it was a little laborious at points, it was still an overall enjoyable read that I learned much from.

This isn’t a book about spiritual growth per se, and those of you wanting to grow deeper with Jesus will find no special formula to follow, or even the best how-tos of how to grow in spiritual depth. Is what you’ll find is a leadership manual of sorts, a story, a book outlining the process of growth Pastor Macdonald embarked on with his church to not just grow numerically, but to grow in spiritual depth. The future of the church lies in its growth—deepening spiritual growth.

Instead of being written in major chapters, it is divided up over the days, weeks, and months as Pastor MacDonald processed this “great idea” with God, his wife, his leadership team, and finally the rest of the church. It is not a how-to manual, but an exchange of conversations, ideas, emails, letters, and meetings that all culminated in a forty-week intense discipleship process—CDP (Cultivating Deep People).

Since it is not a formula, but rather a story, it lends itself to a lot of thought—I found myself constantly thinking about what implementing this intense discipleship focus would look like in my context. Overall, a very good book aimed toward leadership.

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